Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day in Japan

There will never be a Mother's Day that I don't think about Airi (Sakura's BioMom) and Yuki (Sakura's BioGrandma), two extremely special people that will always be part of our lives - without them, I would not be celebrating Mother's Day myself - their selflessness and care for Sakura enabled me to fulfill each and every dream I ever had, there was never anything in my life I wanted more than being a Mom - so today Mother's Day in Japan, we honor them.

Thank You so much for loving Sakura! Your selfless act has made us the happiest people on Earth and we hope that you know how much we love both of you, and appreciate what you did.

You would be SO proud of the little girl Sakura is.

Tonight we went to the park to take some pictures of Sakura and sent them to Taz in hopes that they will reach Airi and Yuki on Mother's Day.

Sakura saying HI to Airi and Yuki

Our Beautiful Little Girl

Now time for fun....Sakura's favorite - the swing!


Really flying Hi - Sakura loves it!

Trying out the other swing...Sakura couldn't even see out, Daddy took her right out.


One TIRED baby....
we had planned to go earlier in the day but it was hot,
so by the time we got to the park Sakura was extremely tired.
Happy Mother's Day Airi & Yuki - Sakura s You and so do we!

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