Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite toy and packing

This is probably Sakura's favorite toy (Papa and Gramma Janie got it for Sakura for Christmas) - she loves to carry her barn to us, have us squeeze the little animals and can even mimic the cow sound - but she doesn't say "MOOO" she keeps her mouth closed and makes the sound that this cow makes - it is quite funny to hear her.

Carrying her barn

Guess Sakura is ready to take another trip. Tonight while I was putting away Sakura's laundry, she went over, grabbed her Hello Kitty purse and started putting in her pj's. I hollered for Dean to grab the camera and get some pictures. Here is Sakura putting her purse on her arm - she LOVES purses!

Ready to go

Packing her pj's.


Misty Clark said...

That's adorable! She's a girl on the go. That barn is too cute. Kumi sure enjoyed playing with it.

Mel said...

We had a great lunch today with Taz in Yokohama. We discussed how much little Sakura chan and Momochan are alike. Taz agreed they have many of the same traits. Akachan Honpo is Saturday. We are going to the one in Kawasaki. I brought an entire suitcase just for the trip to this store. Yatta!

Mel said...

Taz is doing super and looked great as well. I swear she doesn't age. She is super busy and had some pictures of new arrivals. They were so cute. Took us back to those first pictures of Momoka.