Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2013

What an amazing Christmas - we sure love every age and every stage of Sakura and Christmas is especially special now that we see it through the eyes of our daughter!  

The ONLY thing Sakura said she wanted every time we would ask, or Santa would ask was 
"A Make-Up Place" ...  Sakura must have been a very good girl again this year, as Santa delivered exactly what she asked for.  We also woke up to a sweet final message from JingleBelle, I think she even posed for one final picture before flying off with Santa as we found this on the camera after she was gone.  What a sweet little elf.  

Well Said JingleBelle.  
Looks like Sakura was a very good girl!
Sakura woke up a little later than usual, and Mommy was already up and getting in the shower - Sakura apparently came out as she exclaimed upon her arrival in the bathroom that "SANTA BROUGHT MY MAKE UP PLACE!" ... Yep, we all missed her first reaction!  Ugh!!!  As you'll be able to tell, she was quite pleased with Santa's gifts and got right down to business doing her hair.

Santa even left clippies just for Sakura! 
Flower ones and Hello Kitty to be exact.
And a little train case with make up!

Admiring her handy work
Over and over again she did her hair!
Rudolph got a new brush!  So Sakura did his hair too!
SO much fun!
Mommy was MOST excited with the gifts Sakura made at Preschool
A beautiful wreath made from painted puzzle pieces will hang on our tree every year!
Sakura is CRAZY for hospital/doctor stuff ... she got her own emergency room!
Sakura was SO excited to see that Clarice came to be with Rudolph, she's been talking about wanting her every since we were at Build-A-Bear - Thank You Greema and Papa!!!
She had them hugging and kissing as soon as she opened her - she sensed that Rudolph missed his girlfriend I think!

Greema's turn to open a gift ... wonder what she got?  Why pictures of Sakura of course!
Sakura had MANY beautiful red packages from Auntie Linda, Uncle Mark, Jessamine and Stephanie to open!
She LOVED every single one of them ... what's inside this one?
A CAR SEAT for Baby Yuko!!!  YAY!
Sakura was thrilled with all of her things for Baby Yuko!
Baby Yuko and Baby Emma got a crib too!
Doesn't get much cuter than a Hello Kitty airplane!!!
A diaper bag for her babies too!
Papa's turn ..... wonder what he got?
Daddy got to open the card Sakura made
Sakura was very excited to watch us open her gifts ... we were just as excited to open them!
Another package for Greema .... with a little help from her friend :)
Once we finished opening packages at home, we headed down to spend a little time with Baachan, Jiichan and Auntie Fumiyo who graciously came to spend a couple of weeks helping Baachan out to give us a break - can't even describe our gratitude to Auntie - it's been VERY hectic this last month!  We can't ever repay her for relieving us a bit.  

Naturally Sakura had to take Baby Yuko and Baby Emma down to show everyone her things 

Auntie and Sakura have a special relationship ... Sakura LOVES her Auntie Fumiyo!
Baachan looking at the fun Auntie and Sakura are having
Helping Baachan open her gifts, she only has one working arm, the other is in a sling so she needed lots of help, Sakura was happy to oblige.

What a wonderful Christmas, spent with those we love.  We are SO blessed and our lives are full.  Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 

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