Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Program for Preschool

We were super excited to go watch Sakura perform with her classmates.  What an amazing job she did (along with all of the other kids).  Each class sang (and danced) two songs - Sakura's class did 
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Christmas).  
The curtain opened and there stood our little girl waving away .... (Didn't know it at the time, but she didn't know where we were sitting so she kept waving to make sure we saw her - how could we miss her, the most adorable little girl on the stage?!).  She knew every word (I WiSH Blogger allowed video's but apparently they don't load anymore for some reason?) .... so you'll just have to visualize a slide show below with the many photos I (we) took.  Greema and Papa attended, along with Jiichan - Baachan still in the Rehab facility so she got to watch the video.  We were all beaming and SO excited!

Looking like a princess and ready to go
Beautiful Sakura

Yes it was a little chilly outside, but she looked SO cute!
Ready to start!  Miss Clarissa had to position a few kiddos.

Hand motions to go with each song and verse

And dancing - Sakura danced with Amora

There she is waving for us again :)
That's our girl!!!  Signature Sakura style
Mistletoe hung where you can see ... 

CUTEST Christmas program ever!  Cornerstone teachers did an amazing job getting the kids ready for their show, they ALL shined!  We were bursting at the seams watching with pride at our little girl.

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