Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve .... Our 1st Gingerbread house!

Christmas Eve ... we waited for Greema and Papa to come to do our very first Gingerbread House and people ... what FUN!  I think this will be a new family tradition, I think we all loved doing it!  

Sakura adding pieces ... she helped with every step even though she was TIRED!  We got a late start!

So much fun!
OF course we had to get the Disney version!!!  
I also bought some Gingerbread people to decorate

Daddy named them

Saying goodnight to JingleBell - gosh we will sure miss her!!  She had a tea party last night with Pooh and friends!

Sakura's class made some magic reindeer food - so we sprinkled it on the sidewalk so the reindeer could find us, we also left some carrots knowing how hungry they would be and how tired, hope it gives them energy to make it all around the world tonight.

Sakura was quite excited to sprinkle the magic reindeer food!
And carrots!

Cookies and milk for Santa Claus ... and cheese for Santa Mouse!

Goodnight to all - and Merry Christmas Eve from our family to yours!

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