Thursday, December 6, 2012

North Pole Experience and Breakfast with Santa

What child wouldn't want to go and visit Santa at the North Pole?  Gosh they sure didn't have these things when I was little ... but boy am I glad I get to take my daughter!  We set out early morning to head to yep ... The North Pole (aka: Flagstaff, Arizona).  We made a stop to pick up Greema and Papa who wanted to be there to see Sakura too (Unfortunately due to Baachan and her accident, Daddy had to stay home with them and miss out! It's been a sucky few weeks, but we'll get through it), but we did manage to take about 300 pictures so I think he will feel like he was there with us anyway!  

So we drove up, had lunch, and headed to the hotel to check in, we opted to stay at the Sponsor hotel - Little America, so we could get the full experience.  It was COLD, but there was no snow - later on the sled to Santa's Workshop we were told by the elf it was because they donated their snow to other places so they could enjoy a white Christmas ....  On the sleigh ride we were entertained by the elves, and Sakura helped them sing a Christmas Carol (the same one she's been practicing for her Preschool Program!).

Ready to Go!

Telling the elf she is 3 years old

Deep conversation with the elf

Yep, she's tired and really wants to go see Santa!  We had to wait longer than expected in the lobby since we followed the instructions and showed up well before our time to depart!

Ready to run inside Santa's workshop!

Another elf!

Listening to every single word spoken by the Head Elf

Alibastor the Head Elf

Making toys to help Santa out ... with Greema

Testing out the rocket

Loved her expression

Sakura's FAVORITE part was this ... the loading dock for the sleigh

Snowman soup and cookies with Mrs. Claus

Uh Oh - someone is sleeping during Elf school!!!

Getting bugged by the other elves in training

Good Elves LISTEN :)

Class participation

Writing her letter to Santa

Picture perfect - Sakura and Santa
While we were out at the workshop, Santa dropped something off at the hotel for Sakura - there was a letter waiting for us at the front desk and when we got back to our room there was this wrapped package ... inside it contained an Elf on the Shelf for Sakura!  Sakura named her Jingle Belle.

Getting the letter that was left at the front desk

A wrapped package awaiting our return

Sakura was SO excited ... and exclaimed I can't wait to tell my Daddy!  

Then it was story time with Mrs. Claus

Waiting patiently for her turn to sit with Mrs. Claus
Part of the reason for staying at the host hotel was because we got the opportunity to have BREAKFAST with SANTA!  How exciting!

Sakura was SO excited!

Our little cheesier ... always posing and goofing off.

Baby Yuko also came to breakfast so she could meet Santa too!

Priceless memories!

Enjoying her bagel

Santa signed her book about Jingle Belle

What an amazing time we had ... the only part we didn't enjoy was that Daddy couldn't be there with us.  Maybe we can go back next year too?!  We'll have to wait and see.  

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