Friday, January 18, 2013

A day at Disneyland with best friends ... doesn't get much better than that!

Sakura and Mommy snuck away to spend a few days with Auntie Misty and Kumi.  OMGoodness we needed it (well Mommy sure did anyway).  We are SO lucky and blessed that our friends (who like I've said a million times are much more like family) moved closer and we get to spend time together!  Sakura and I drove up to Anaheim and got to the hotel just after Auntie Misty and Kumi arrived and checked into the room - perfect timing ... just like the whole weekend was - absolutely perfect!!!  Once we checked in and got settled, Auntie Misty was gracious and offered to drive us around, as Mommy is a BIG chicken in traffic - so we headed to Party City (Someone is going to be FOUR years old very soon and there is a party planned for a princess!!!).  We were successful in our shopping and I was able to get everything I needed (and a few extra things too!).  The girls were fantastic, and Auntie Misty provided much needed guidance in choosing things!   After we shopped we went to Pei Wei for dinner - YUMMMMMMM!!!!  After dinner it was back to the hotel as tomorrow we were headed to DISNEYLAND for a day together!!!  We got up and headed down to breakfast, then off to the park .... oops Auntie Misty forgot the tickets (LOL!) - luckily we left with plenty of time to spare as we DID have an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for two very special little princesses!  

Off and running tickets in hand - we got to the park, parked the car and headed for the tram to the park. Made it in the nick of time (actually a few minutes to spare!) and checked in for the girls appointment.  This was Kumi's FIRST visit to the BBB and Sakura was THRILLED that she got to experience it with her buddy (these two are like sisters honestly).  

Here are a few pictures from our visit!

Sakura aka: Cinderella
Two beautiful Princesses!
Like I said, Sakura was SO excited to watch Kumi get her first Princess transformation
Mommy was trying to get a good picture for birthday invitations!
It's All About the Shoes as Cinderella knows too well!
Chatting with Ariel
Three gorgeous princesses

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