Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tide Pool and Beach Day

Well everyone knows how much I LOVE Disneyland but honestly our whole entire time with Auntie Misty and Kumi these were my favorite memories!  I know that's hard to believe, but truthfully Sakura and I had a fantastic time visiting the Tide Pools and the Beach.

I'm not sure how these two pictures got moved out of place, and I'm equally as unsure about how to move them back down where they go ... so I'm leaving them here (out of place which makes me crazy, but better than not here at all!).

Ready to go to Seal Beach, Kumi was so sweet helping Sakura put her shoes back on.
All on her own, Sakura wrote her name on the beach!
How precious is this picture?  Kumi was showing Sakura the beach.  I LOVE this girl!!!
Sakura was eager to go and check it out (I was SHOCKED, as our last beach experience was less than desirable!)
Ready to explore :)
Running and playing on the beach
But NOT so sure about walking around on the rocks ... it was pretty "sharp" and a bit tricky to maneuver

Incredibly breathe taking though!
We saw TONS of sea life!  It was absolutely amazing!

I LOVED watching Sakura and Kumi play together
Building a sand castle?
We saw starfish!!!

After we visited the tide pool we headed over to Seal Beach ... after stopping to pick up some sandwiches for a picnic at the beach. 

Auntie and the girls going after water for their sand castles

Yes there were birds ... Sakura didn't like them but she has the BEST friend ever  Kumi is quite the bird chaser and took great care and concern for Sakura as Sakura would point and say "Kumi", Kumi would get up and run those birds off.  What a GREAT friend she is!!!

It sure doesn't get any better than watching two best friends play together at the beach ... a picnic lunch and great company are all anyone could wish for and more.  We love spending time together and again we are SO lucky and blessed to have them close by to share our lives together.

Thanks Auntie Misty for this perfect photo of Mommy and her girl!

Sadly our visit was over on Sunday morning.  We did get to enjoy a nice character meal together before heading back home.  What a fantastic mini vacation together.

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