Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Family

Have I said yet how much fun we had on our trip? We had a great time in Georgia - despite the circumstances surrounding our trip. I have to say how grateful and thankful I am that we went to Georgia. Sakura is SO lucky to have the family we have, everyone was SO excited to finally meet her, I can't name any one person who was the most excited, as I believe they were all estatic to finally meet the youngest family member. I am truly blessed to have my family who I cherish very much.

Today Auntie Linda and Uncle Jeffy came up for one last visit - we had kind of a lazy day hanging out, but it was SO nice to get to just sit and visit. They brought Molly their dog with them, so Sakura took good care of her :)

Auntie Linda and Uncle Jeffy with Sakura

Playing ball with Papa

Time for a little reading

Always time for our 4 legged family - Molly in this case.

Sakura loved Molly!

Treats for Molly

Then some brushing

Visiting with Uncle Joey

These two were deep in conversation of some sort - LOL.

Sakura was SO SO SO tired, I can't even say how tired she was - pure exhaustion, but we wanted to take one last trip down to the creek - so Sakura, Daddy and I headed down.

A little zombie here .... she was SO tired!

Every visit to the creek Sakura would "wash" the rocks - she always did it, and today was no she is washing her rock - we brought this rock home with us as a souvineer of our time in Georgia.

Sakura with her rock above and below ...

Time for our final goodbye's with Auntie Linda and Uncle Jeffy - Sakura was out in about 1 minute of Auntie Linda getting her, so they stayed a bit longer so Auntie could cuddle with Sakura. SOOOOO sweet!

GoodBye Uncle Jeffy and Auntie Linda

And Bye for today Uncle Joey.

We headed back up to say our final goodbye's the next morning - before heading back to Atlanta for our plane ride home. These last posts have been really hard for me, it's been a month since we came home, and just today I can finally look back at these pictures.


Daddy, Sakura and Uncle Joey

Goodbye Uncle Joey

Sakura and Papa

The next picture is the whole reason for our trip ... with tears in my eyes as I type this, this is the final picture of our trip - Sakura and Great Papa (or Big Papa as she calls him) saying their final GoodBye's .... we were SO blessed that he was there to see us, and meet his last Great Grandchild before he passed away. We ♥ You Big Papa - GoodNight ....

Until we meet again ..... We ♥ You Great Papa (aka: Big Papa)

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Misty Clark said...

Looks like a great trip despite the reason for the visit. I'm sure everyone was so glad you were able to visit. Sakura looked like she enjoyed everyone too!