Monday, August 1, 2011

Browsing around Blue Ridge, Ga

We took a "bad" situation and made the best of our trip, we made it a vacation, did some sight seeing and had a very nice time visiting with family we don't get much time to visit normally. We couldn't have asked for a better week - well the weather was plain HORRIBLE, us Arizonan's aren't used to humidity and humid it was! I don't know how ANYone lives in that - UGH!

Today we went to Blue Ridge, Ga. did some sightseeing, shopping, lunch and then back "home" for a nap for Sakura then up to the cabin to have dinner with Dad, Jane and Uncle Joey and visit with Big Papa.

Blue Ridge lake

Sakura posing for Mommy by the sign - down an alley, I just thought it was cute :)

They even have BEARS in Blue Ridge! These bears were gentle.

We went into a toy store ... Daddy found something he thought Sakura would like so we went outside to wait for Daddy to pay, and I told Sakura to sit on the bench that Daddy was bringing her a SURPRISE! She was SO excited! Everytime she sees these pictures, she says "Prize Mommy" - funny!

Anxious for Daddy to come out and see her "PRIZE" - Gramma Janie was peek-a-booing her.

MORE bears in Blue Ridge!

Stopping to smell the flowers - notice her hair stuck to her head! It was HOT and miserable!

Finished dinner, and making the walk to Great Grandpa's house - that's my Dad's house being built, don't know how Gramma Janie does it living in a TEENY tiny travel trailer so long and managing, but she does and even managed to fix dinner for us a few times! She's the BEST!

Papa, Sakura and Gramma Janie (yes backpack is ON for the walk)

Visiting with Great Papa

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