Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A day at the Tennessee aquarium and carousel

Indoor activities are always nice when the humidity is about to kill you :) Today we headed to Chatanooga, Tennessee to the Tennessee Aquarium and then to a really cool OLD (1894 I believe it said) carousel at Coolidge Park (LOTS of pictures).

Beautiful view from the aquarium

The plants and flowers were breath taking.

Sakura and Daddy checking out the tidepool which had stingrays

Can I touch him Daddy?

Sakura couldn't quite reach, but Daddy did pet the stingray...so did Mommy and Papa

It says he doesn't bite, so I let Sakura stick her hands in this shark (to dry them off). I counted - all fingers were still present and accounted for!

Beautiful butterfly exhibit

Sakura watching the butterflies, she "flaps her wings" just like they do!

Hungry butterfly - this was a BEAUTIFUL butterfly, the inside of it's wings were the brightest blue, I waited for two different ones to open their wings, but they weren't cooperating with me!

Sakura's new spot to carry/wear her sunglasses, look closely

Daddy and Sakura made a friend at the aquarium, the gentleman standing beside Daddy and Sakura was blind (see cane), and he was asking Dean to describe all of the sharks to him - then he would ask if one was coming this way, this lasted quite a while. The man in the lighter blue shirt ended up "talking" to the gentleman, but thankfully he didn't make him leave - because we saw him later in another area having someone describe what they saw. It was sweet!

Time to feed the sharks!

I wish I could remember the name of this amazing thing, I took several pictures of them, they were SO cool!

Who doesn't love a clown (fish that is!)?

Another favorite of mine, Seahorses!

Dwarf seahorse - SO cute!

Sakura wanted NO part of being "inside" the aquarium, she wanted DOWN MOMMY!

What did Sakura ♥ at the aquarium - the same thing that is Mommy's VERY favorite!

Hmmm...what is it, captivating Sakura's attention, she about climbed over the exhibit wall!


Cool frogs!

How cute is he?!

Someone couldn't take it anymore .... Sakura crashed just before the last few exhibits.

Here is what she missed - never smile at a

Scary little thing!

We walked around the shops, etc. then headed over to Coolidge Park for the carousel!

Daddy and Sakura heading to the carousel

Still VERY tired - Sakura rode a horse first ...

Trying to figure out the mechanics???

A kitty cat (meow, meow, meow)

A piggy (oink oink as Sakura kept saying)

Everyone was BEAT and SOOOOO hot, I think this was our hottest day, the humidity about killed all of us.

As you can tell by the sweat covering Sakura's hair and the sweat beads across her nose!

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