Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meeting up with the Harris Family for dinner

Today we had a nice day shopping at the mall so that we'd be close drive to meet up with our friends for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant for dinner. Feels like we've known The Harris' forever, we have been in touch via e-mail, FaceBook, and Blogs for a few years now, so it was especially nice to finally meet them in person.

My camera decided to act up, well I'm sure it was no fault of the camera more like the operator, but for whatever reason it wasn't working until just before we left ... UGH!

Here is Auntie Sam, with Sakura and beautiful Kaori who is just a year older than Sakura.

Mommies and their girls

I was VERY surprised that Sakura let Auntie Sam carry her - she's usually pretty reserved and would typically cry for one of us, but she went right to Auntie Sam (notice the tenative look on her face).

The girls playing around the tree at Starbucks

Gathering a little pine straw.

Kaori and Sakura playing together.

Daddy's turn .... Sakura ♥s sticks this trip she discovered lots of sticks, rocks, leaves, etc. and loved every bit of it.

Always the most fun with Daddy twirling you around.

The girls were having a BLAST!

As you can tell by their expressions.

Thanks for making the drive to meet up with us Harris Family - We ♥ You guys and hope to meet again somewhere!!!

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