Monday, January 18, 2010

Some pictures from the last month

These pictures have been taken in the last couple of weeks, they were on my Mom's camera so when she was here I downloaded them to share.

Enjoying dinner...super tired and rubbing food in her hair...

Sakura goes to Krispy Kreme :) I did not give her a hot yummy GLAZED donut, instead she had a hot yummy UNglazed donut and she thought it was pretty good...didn't figure she needed all of that sugar that I enjoy so much one day she will get those - for now we really limit her sugar intake!

Sporting her Krispy Kreme hat!

Mommy showing her the donut assembly line...YUMMY!

Sakura enjoying her 1st Krispy Kreme!

Meeting my cousin Amy's son Michael -

Sakura is not real big on babies that can touch her, she loves older kids and she doesn't mind little babies, but ones that can 'touch' her - as you can see, not so great!

Michael saying HI Sakura! Sakura moving away from Michael.....

Sakura crying because Michael got a little too close "He touched me"....Michael wondering what's up with her???

Auntie Cheryl mentioned that I should be proud that Sakura hasn't been "warehoused with a bunch of other babies all day long" great point Auntie Cheryl and yes, we're VERY proud of that! I definitely have been afforded the luxury of working from home and now that Sakura does go to a "babysitter" three days a week - I'm even more blessed that my great friend Katie watches Sakura and the only kids she is exposed to are her kids! I couldn't ask for a better babysitter, Katie treats Sakura as if she was her fourth child.


Kai said...

Awww, she's so cute even crying. Hey, she just wants her space! :D She looks adorable in her Krispy Kreme hat and pink outfit. So funny that she loves pickles (we tried it on Kai but he didn't go for it).

Mel said...

Ohhhhh no, majinaki (real tears). Sakura chan's little tears were really coming down. Poor little gal. Loved the Krispy Kreme hat and she looked like she was digging that donut. We're trying pancakes this weekend. Yippee!

Carrie said...

Oh, I never see her cry. That looks so sad. Savannah is with Sakura. She doesn't like children her own age and especially not touching her. Never has. She is very individual and I think will be particular about who she associates with and who she chooses as friends. I think that is a good trait to have!

jill and ryan said...

How adorable is she in that Krispy Kreme hat??? Oh she is such a funny girl, she must keep you and Dean very entertained! :D