Monday, January 4, 2010

11 months old!

Happy 11 months to my little Sakura chan!
It's hard to believe it, but today Sakura turned 11 months old, our baby is growing up WAY too fast, but we are enjoying every single minute.
  • At 11 months we FINALLY found a food that she doesn't like - of all things pineapple! We were at Mimi's this past weekend and Sakura now eats just about everything we eat (minus the no-no's that the Dr. told us about until after she is 1 year old), and when Daddy shared his pineapple, Sakura CRIED! Guess that means that she didn't like it!

  • She is still standing and walking around things, but not yet walking on her own.

  • She has 4 teeth and it looks like two more will emerge any day!

  • She has a few new words - YaYa for Yancha Bozu and Ruff, Ruff, Ruff (I've GOT to get this on video, she cracks us up with the expression she makes when she says this!) - instead of saying just a nice sweet "MaMa" she hollers "MOM" when she wants something, it doesn't matter if I'm sitting right beside her I think she figures if she hollers she'll get immediate attention?

  • She does Patty-Cake and claps for "Yay Sakura"

  • Waves HI and Bye-Bye

  • LOVES to be 'walked' holding on to your hands and walking like a big girl

    Walking like a big girl with her friend coming along.

  • "Holds" things in her mouth so her hands are free to crawl, walk, or do whatever else she might want to do...just like Kumi!

  • She has started "dancing" or "bouncing" when she listens to something she likes on TV

  • HATES bibs!
For Sakura's 1st birthday next month we will be headed to Disneyland to celebrate!

The Happiest Place on Earth with the little girl that has made us the Happiest People on Earth!


Misty Clark said...

Happy 11 months Sakura! Wow... such a big girl! We need to work on the pineapple issue :) She's so cute and will be walking any time now. She's so silly like Kumi and carries stuff in her mouth like a pocket. So funny! Sometimes Kumi still does that but not as much anymore. Sakura is going to love going to Disney for her 1st birthday. Can't wait to see pictures!

Carrie said...

11 months! Can't be!!!! How do we stop them from growing up SO fast.

She is cute as can be. What is it? Seth won't tolerate a bib for a second and Savannah would have worn one all day.

Love how she uses her mouth to carry things. Hands are too busy.

She may develop a taste for pineapple. Savannah used to not like it and now she LOVES it (starting at about 2 1/2). It may be the consistency. Or she has to taste Hawaiian pineapple.

I love your last line. Makes me cry happy tears. Disney is the BEST place to spend your birthday. Just ask Savannah! I think we are going to all go on a cruise in March for all of our birthdays (except for Rich, we are all March).

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Wow! What a fun way to celebrate her birthday. She is just a doll! Sounds like she is doing so very well. Love the pic of you two together!