Sunday, January 17, 2010

I LIKE pickles!

We tried a 'sour' thing with Sakura...her first taste of pickles and she liked them! It was pretty funny, my Mom kept saying that we should have been taking pictures of Daddy's face since he hates even the smell of a pickle, so his expression was better than Sakura's. She sensed it too - she kept watching Daddy as she picked up the pickle and chewed on it.
Watching Daddy's expression....

We are SO fortunate that she is such a great eater, since we are both pretty picky!

Just another picture from this weekend, a freshly bathed baby, is there anything better?


Misty Clark said...

That's fantastic! Way to go Sakura! It's great that she's such a good eater. Make it easier for Mommy. I love that last picture! She's just getting cuter and cuter each post.

Carrie said...

I am with her. I LOVE pickles. Nobody else does. Actually, we have not given Seth one yet, but I am sure he will like it. He eats everything. We are all very picky too. Seth is our human garbage disposal. He will try anything and usually likes it.