Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Part II

We had our Christmas in Phoenix over the weekend. Sakura still wasn't into opening presents, but did a tiny bit more than while we were in California. She LOVES the camera that Grandma and Papa gave her, it's pretty cute that click, click, clicks it...just like I do :)

Sorry these pics are in reverse order, right now it won't let me move them.

After opening presents, ready to go shopping!

Up from her nap!

Sleepy girl just woke up.

Opening her kimono from Grandma - my Mom really wanted Sakura to have a kimono and we just plain ran out of time while we were in Japan, so my Mom's friend bought one for her when she was in Japan a few weeks ago and brought it home with her. It isn't what we'd choose ourselves, but she does have a kimono now so that's good!
Her favorite gift...a toy camera!

Opening presents with Mommy and Daddy

My pretty girl by the tree with her Santa Mouse

Holding an ornament in front of the tree...because she wanted to crawl away every time I put her in front of the tree, if you can imagine?!

Before opening packages, sitting with Santa Clause and Santa Mouse


Misty Clark said...

Adorable! That's all I can say about sweet Sakura-chan! She is such a doll and I have no doubt had a wonderful 1st christmas!

beem221 said...

love all the posts - wow you guys were busy for the holidays. i love her little red plaid christmas outfit. :)

P and D said...

Sakura is adorable! What a lucky girl she is to have such nice parents! It sounds like she had a wonderful first Christmas!