Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treadmill trouble

Well another mishap - ugh!

Thought it would be 'fun' for me and Sakura to take a little stroll on the treadmill but that wasn't such a grand idea. The treadmill wasn't working correctly and didn't come on, then all of a sudden came on FAST and down went Sakura - she got 'trapped' between the wall and the belt of the treadmill - needless to say not good! She is a tough little girl though, she cried a bit then she was fine - just a few burn battle wounds :(

Didn't look too bad right afterwards.

But after her bath - it wasn't looking too pretty :( Poor Sakura - I could only imagine how bad it burned, since she screamed in the bathtub and kept saying Ooowwie...Poor baby girl!

The next morning Mommy bought some Neosporin for kids and slathered it on.

Sakura slept peaceful.

Milk mustache - silly girl - cupcake frosting and milk make everything seem bearable -

even when it's in your nose!

As you can see, Sakura was back to normal in no time - thankfully.

I am just hoping that I don't rub off on her, if there was an accident to happen when I was growing up, it happened to me. I don't want Sakura following in my footsteps!

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