Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quick trip to So. Cal

We took a super quick trip to Anaheim, we left home Saturday morning about 7:00 - got to South Coast Plaza mall about 11:30, and headed home Sunday morning about 8:00! Mind you it's a 4-hour drive. We were originally supposed to meet up with the Yamamoto's on Sunday, however since Sakura had a fever for a couple of days beforehand I was a bit nervous getting together since poor Quinn had just gotten over a virus and I didn't want to be responsible for him getting sick again :-( We had already booked our hotel room though, so we opted to head over and spend a few hours at the mall - then Sakura and Mommy headed to Disneyland for a few hours. Imagine our suprise when we ran right into Jill and Camden Patterson at the mall.

What fun! We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them despite our extremely limited time in So. Cal! Funny huh?!

We were lucky - South Coast Plaza was having a Cherry Blossom Celebration - and had a beautiful display in the middle of the mall - it was SO pretty!

Mommy and Sakura posing in front of the beautiful kimonos they had on display...Sakura wanted something other than photos though, she wouldn't even look at Daddy! Geez Sakura!

After spending a couple of hours shopping - we headed to Anaheim to our hotel, checked in and Sakura and I headed over to Disneyland. It was pretty overcast, but never rained, thankfully!

Well since Sakura loves to ride King Aurthur's Carousel that's what we did - over and over and over - I think we probably got off and on that thing about a dozen times - I lost count! Sakura was in Heaven.

Then headed out on the monorail.

While we waited for Daddy to come over from the hotel so we could grab some dinner and do a bit more shopping, Sakura had a BLAST on this railing - I snapped tons of pictures because she was just having the best time!

I'll take this one Daddy :)

Sakura ended up going home with her very own suitcase this trip - we say it was a late Gotcha Day present for Sakura.

Time for bed - tuck in your friends! Sakura tucked Brobee and Muno in for the night.

It was an early start, so on our way home we made the stop at Krispy Kreme - YUMMY!!!

Soon after her sugar high, Sakura was catching a few more zzzzzs on the way home.

GoodBye Disneyland, GoodBye Anaheim - we'll be back :)


scrappingma20 said...

Glad you finally bought that baby her own suitcase. I think every trip you have made to Disney she has wanted one. Hopfully it was with Mickey or Minnie.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Looks like a great time. I LOVE the railing photos. Take your child to Disney and what it the most fun--the railing! You caught great expressions. Love the sleeping baby photo too. I am such a softy for those. Happy Gotcha Day and big hugs!