Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I can honestly say this was the MOST fun I have ever had on any Easter.

We woke up in the morning, but the Easter bunny hadn't arrived, he must have been running late in our neighborhood .... BUT apparently his little helpers hid eggs for Sakura. I went outside to put something in the car and when I walked out the door I noticed a box of Peeps and a plastic egg. I said to myself, Oh Heather must have dropped these off for us how sweet .... then I noticed more eggs, the front yard was covered with plastic eggs - HOW SWEET is right, Jason (Heather's husband) had come in the middle of the night and 'egged' us - I rushed inside, got Sakura in her Easter dress, woke up Daddy and out we went to hunt eggs - admittedly I didn't think Sakura was going to "get it" this year, but she sure did! It really is the little things in life that are the most special - I just cannot say how sweet and how much we appreciate that Jason (and Heather) went out of their way to make our Easter special - it was just an amazing feeling walking outside and seeing what they had done for Sakura.

We hid eggs over and over and over again throughout the day - Sakura kept saying "more more eggs" every time she would finish, so I would distract her, and Daddy would hide eggs. I cannot even tell you how much fun we had watching Sakura find her eggs. Most of the photos that day are of Sakura hunting eggs, so if you tire of them, feel free to click away.

Finding her first eggs.


I mentioned there was a box of Peeps - Heather and I love Peeps...Heather said "If these are her first Peeps, I was photo proof that she ate one" - I took a video of Sakura saying Thank You to Heather and Jason and also a couple of pics too.

Sakura's 1st Peep! She loved it!!! That's my girl!

Sakura took a nap and guess who visited while she napped? The Easter Bunny!

Some goodies from the Easter Bunny - Sakura went straight for the Hello Kitty Pocky, then the bubbles, and then she discovered a Yo Gabba Gabba music CD!

Giving her bunny a love

Eating her chicadee crackers and trying on her Hello Kitty sunglasses

I made a traditional Easter dinner - Ham, etc. and we headed down to Bachan and Jiichan's to eat dinner with them. Sakura got an Easter Basket from Bachan and Jiichan too --- another Hello Kitty basket! TOO cute!

She got a new Hello Kitty beach towel and .....

Stickers! Her favorite!

After we finished eating, we hunted more eggs. Bachan and Jiichan loved watching Sakura hunt eggs, we used to enjoy watching Jessamine and Stephanie hunt eggs, now Sakura enjoys it just like they did!

Sakura was "sad" that there were no "more more eggs" .... it was starting to get dark, work on Monday, so we needed to head home.

Looking for "more more eggs" more eggs. Time to go home.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Carrie said...

Looks like Sakura had a fun Easter. She's so adorable! Where did you get that cute HK Easter basket? Love it!