Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinner with friends and Jumping at JumpStreet

Sakura waiting at the bar like a big girl.
We had a great visit with the Galakatos'. It's hard to believe that we met them when Sinclair was just about 6 months old! Wow has time flown. Sinclair is SO smart and has the best personality - she's SO outgoing - quite the opposite of shy Sakura. Sakura wasn't feeling great either, so that made it even worse. Despite her not being in the optimal mood, we still were able to have a great visit with our dear friends.

We met for dinner at our favorite place Oregano's Pizza in Scottsdale, then we went for a special treat SPRINKLES cupcakes - OMGosh talk about delicious!

Sakura was SO shy with everyone - she does take forever to warm up normally but she didn't feel good so she was especially clingy.

Monkey See....

I remember reading on their blog way back when Sinclair was a tiny tot still in Roppongi Hills that she was born to be a Galakatos since she can eat --- she is a GREAT eater, here she was having fun with her spaghetti, we were all laughing so of course she was performing for us :)

Monkey Do....

Sakura attempting to copy Sinclair, but she only had corkscrew pasta - LOL!

YAY for cupcakes -

we were telling Sakura that we were going to have cupcakes and she got VERY excited!

Both girls jumping up and down for cupcakes - pretty cute!

Not sure .....

Sinclair pointing out what she wanted - we discovered after eating our cupcakes and walking out the door, when they locked it behind us that we BARELY made it in time!

Sakura with her cupcake - vanilla - which I REALLY wanted to try, since white cake is my favorite .... I should have taken a picture of this cupcake mere seconds later laid out all over the floor - yep she dropped it! Ugh!

While we were in Phoenix we also tried out a new place near Grandma's house - JumpStreet Indoor Trampolines - VERY cool place ... Sakura enjoyed it a bit, she liked jumping with us, she wouldn't do it by herself, and she HATED the inflatable slides - not sure why, but I took her down a few times just to see if she'd get used to it, she cried though.

Maybe with her cousin David? We'll try again.

Jumping with Mommy first .... but she wanted Daddy to jump :)

Another quick trip, but we had a great time!

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Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Cute pictues, but you can tell Sakura is not quite herself. Poor baby. Glad you had fun though. Just to let you know Savannah did not like inflatables or bounce houses until she turned FOUR. She used to cry and we had to leave. So, there is hope. Now she goes down those over and over again. Seth, on the other hand, loves them. We got dizzy we had to take him down so many times.