Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meeting up with two of our favorite families!

We got really lucky this trip, as it happened to be at the same time that our great friends from Hawaii were visiting Disneyland too.  You know any chance we get we meet up with the first friends Sakura ever had, this was no exception ... we planned to meet for lunch at our FAV Naples Pizza.

First we headed to DCA and did some rides, shopping, characters, show ... while we "waited" for our meeting time.  

Yes, ANY chance she gets she dances. There's extra twirl in this top.

HI Mickey!

Chip and Dale too

Just posing for Mommy ... Signature Sakura style too!

Which ride would we head to first, naturally King Triton's Carousel
LOVE the new CarsLand!
Sitting in a cone :)
Time to head over for lunch and look who we spot - SENA!!!  They got there right after we did, Sena wasn't really into posing this trip, he would rather play and watch his DVD but we did manage to snap a couple pictures none-the-less.  We sure love these guys!

Sakura and Sena
Poor Michael is pretty "shy" ... but Sakura doesn't care she will still try and give him a smooch :) 

AND a hug!

The balloon animals/flowers kept them busy, they really enjoyed playing with each other and their balloons.
We headed back to the hotel after lunch so Sakura could catch a nap, yes this girl requires a nap and is always happy to oblige us.
Awake and ready to head back and meet up with Uncle Ward,  Auntie Dale and Sena (and Sena's Baachan) 

I thought this display was too cute to pass by ...  Sakura is pretty fond of Mickey!

Enough to give him a kiss on the nose - LOL!

We LOVE Uncle Ward and Auntie Dale so much!!!

Uh Oh - looks like it's Sena's turn for a nap ... poor guy was BEAT!

Sakura and Daddy enjoying the sites

Sakura opted for one last ride with Ariel ... off we go!

We never tire of seeing the beautiful sites of the parks after dark!

Mommy and Sakura watching the happenings 
We headed over to Disneyland and look who we found as soon as we walked through the gate!

Last ride on the carousel ... it's time for the Fireworks and there was NOBODY back here!  SO nice!
We woke up bright and early and headed back to the parks, Disneyland today!  We got lucky and got a FRONT and CENTER seat on the monorail - it was pretty cool!!!

With our Monorail pilot!
OK you know we've been to Disneyland .... I don't even know how many times, but I'm telling you each and every visit there is something that is memorable, well this visit topped ALL previous visits.  Sakura had been talking about wanting Ariel to walk with her ... I have NO idea where in the world she got that from, but for whatever reason she's been talking about it (for MONTHS) .... LOOK who was our 1st Princess of the day - Ariel!  Well Sakura walked up, chatted with Ariel and when she was finished I just casually mentioned about "the walk" - Ariel politely said that she couldn't do that, BUT as we were about to walk to Mulan, Ariel said "Let me walk you over to meet my friend Jasmine" - I lost it ... seriously I did not expect Ariel to walk with Sakura at all, but she went above all and made Sakura's "wish" come true.  I couldn't grab the camera of them walking, but I managed to capture it on my cell.  It was SWEET and I couldn't be more appreciative of moments like this - THIS is what makes Disneyland SO magical!

Running up to Ariel - her FAVORITE Princess!

Chatting with Ariel

The SWEETEST moment in a very long time - as you can see by the look on Mulan's face this isn't something they typically do
Mulan was asking Sakura how old she is .... Three!

I think her name is Tiana?  I've never seen that movie
We headed to ToonTown for a visit with Minnie at her house.
Daddy asked Sakura what she wanted to do before we leave, she said she wanted to go to Pixie Hollow so that's what we did .... except we had NO idea we'd be in line for the longest time ever - close to 2 hours waiting to see Tinker Bell --- UGH!!!


Time to head home :(

Waiting to board the monorail to head home ... we love love love Disneyland and will be SO sad when our season passes expire since we aren't renewing :(

Sad to be leaving
On the way home we made a stop for Baachan and Jiichan at Marukai for some grocery shopping ...

Sakura poses with a BIG Hello Kitty bow
BUGS on our ride home
Not sure how this got out of order, but here we were waiting to ride King Triton's carousel

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