Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little trip to So. Cal

Things have been a little crazy around here for awhile so Daddy decided that we should take a little trip to our favorite place .... who would argue?  NOT me (OR Sakura!).  The best part was this time we were joined with a couple of our favorite people who recently moved to So. Cal - 
Auntie Misty and Kumi!  We got up super early and drove straight to Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch!  OMGOODNESS what a fun place!  We loved it.  It was a super warm weekend, but we didn't let that get the best of us.  We are so fortunate to have the best friends who are more like family that we will get to spend much more time with now that they live closer!  Yay! 

Reunited with Kumi - ready to tackle the maze!
But first a tractor ride .... can you tell they were having a blast!
Riding on the tractor
Sheer joy running after Daddy and Kumi!
That Kumi is QUICK - she's got some long legs and can run FAST!!!
Cheater Cheaters!!!  Who cares when you're having fun?! 
There goes Kumi!

AND Sakura is following behind.....
Heading through the corn maze with Daddy
Time to head to the hotel .... wait up Daddy!

We finished up at the Pumpkin Patch, then headed to Anaheim to check in at the hotel(s).  Misty and Kumi stayed in Anaheim too - so we got a couple of fun days together!  What a treat!  So after we checked in, we headed over to Downtown Disney - well maybe I should say we took a leisurely stroll (I should mention this is a good couple mile walk!) over to Downtown Disney for some dinner and browsing.  Kumi really wanted to eat at Rainforest Cafe, Sakura isn't a fan - but we managed to convince her that it was the thing to do (haha!), we checked in and it was (If I remember correctly) something like a 90 minute wait, so we put our name down, and went browsing through the shops .... but ended up checking our favorite Naples which said they could seat us in 15 minutes so we opted for that - the cool thing is that they now TEXT you when your table is ready and maybe 5 minutes after we got to the Roxy shop, my phone was buzzing.... so we headed over for dinner.

And then pizza ... YUMMMMMMY!
DROOLING over those delicious looking apples!
Kumi and Sakura making some Lego people

Sakura and I got up bright and early and walked over to meet Auntie Misty and Kumi for some breakfast and spend the day together.  Daddy left us alone and went off to wander around 
Frank and Sons.  We didn't have any definite plans and ended up just having breakfast and then wandering around Downtown Disney which is always nice.  WE love Downtown Disney and looking in all of the shops sans men who get bored easier than us women do!

Silly Girls with Auntie Misty
Sakura found something quite funny obviously
Two gorgeous girls at breakfast --- LOVE these girls!
We finished up our breakfast, visited and then headed over to Downtown Disney.

Kumi and Sakura hanging out by Rainforest Cafe

Sakura is CRAZY for Auntie Misty!
A little Downtown Disney fun was face painting, Sakura and Kumi both chose Little Mermaid masks.

Pretty Little Mermaid
Posing with the lady who did their faces

One exhausted Little Mermaid! 
Luckily we were able to eat at Rainforest Cafe today for Kumi, and then sadly we had to say our goodbyes and Auntie Misty and Kumi headed home.

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