Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well Halloween was pretty much a bust this year.  Daddy had to take Baachan to a Dr. appt so we decided to meet in town and have dinner together, then Daddy took them home, we got back in the car and went BACK to town to Trick-Or-Treat at some friends house .... BUT we wanted to surprise them and unfortunately out of the 5 houses we planned we got to see 2 :(  Next year we will probably opt for traditional door to door knocking.  Sakura was happy none the less and got a lot of candy just trick-or-treating those few houses and then Baachan and Jiichan's next door neighbors house.  I took these at Olive Garden while we waited for our food, thank goodness, otherwise I probably wouldn't have any of Sakura in her costume!

This year we opted for MINNIE MOUSE!  Sakura chose when she saw me looking online for costumes she announced I WANT TO BE MINNIE MOUSE ---- well OK who can argue with that?

That's all folks - our little Minnie Mouse was as cute as can be :)

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