Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our last day at Disneyland

We got up bright and early on Sunday since it was our last day in California. We wanted to head to the park for a few hours, get a few rides in and then we would head home. Sakura is typically an early riser, so leaving early is never a problem - plus check-out was at 11:00. Since we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel this trip, we were fortunate and got to take advantage of Magic Mornings and enter the park at 0700.

Minnie was Sakura's companion of the day again, she loves her Minnie.

Sakura's 1st time on Tea Cups if you can believe that! She had never been on and may have a new favorite?! Well probably not a new favorite, but she loved it!

After a trip through Alice in Wonderland, Sakura posed for a picture. She does NOT like Alice in Wonderland she said that "It scared me!".

This little face is my Faaaaaaaaaaavorite thing ever!

Dancing through Toontown with Minnie

Let's go visit TinkerBell in Pixie Hollow

Sakura was walking in and Daddy was coming too, but Sakura stopped and said "Only Girls Daddy" .... Sakura was QUITE surprised when we were greeted by Terrance - a boy fairy - guess Daddy could have come afterall?!

Deep in conversation with Tink about the fairies on her top made by a very special friend who we call "Grammy Helen". The fairies are riding elephants, Sakura loves it!

Dancing her way out of Pixie Hollow.

As you can tell she was really moving!

Minnie's turn to dance.

Time for a little drive, just before heading home - Autopia

What an amazingly fun trip - celebrating Sakura is what makes our world go round. She is the MOST special amazing little girl and we are the most blessed people in the world having her for our daughter. There isn't a single day that we aren't thankful for this opportunity and grateful for all of the people who made it possible. First God, Airi (Sakura's BioMom - we hope that she somehow realizes what a special gift she gave, and how loved Sakura is), Across the World Adoptions (Lesley), Taz and Okada-San for taking such great care of Sakura while she waited for us, and our countless family and friends for always being there for us, and most important Sakura for being the BEST daughter anyone could dream of and more.

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