Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend at Disneyland

We opted to spend Sakura's 3rd birthday at Disneyland, it's basically become tradition. Since it was a special occasion we decided on the Disneyland Hotel. We arrived early in the morning on Friday and were able to check in upon arrival - I was SHOCKED. Daddy unpacked the car and Mommy escaped to decorate the room a little for our Birthday Girl, I wanted some special touches since we were there celebrating a very special day. We were thrilled at the renovations at the hotel, our room overlooked the new pool and was just beautiful.

Here Sakura was playing in the lobby while Daddy unloaded the car.

Silly Sakura!

All done and ready for the Birthday Girl! I had packaged up all of the gifts that arrived from family and friends before we left and took them with us, Sakura hadn't seen any of them, so she was surprised at everything.

Tearing into her presents! She LOVED everything, and wanted it open right then, we were able to divert her attention and head over to the park though.

Pointing at the little Asian girl on her special birthday dress.

Ready to head to the park with Mommy and Daddy - SO excited!

First ride requested was .......

Yep, King Authur's Carousel - her 1st favorite Disneyland ride was her 1st requested.

Waiting to see Minnie Mouse in Toontown.

LOOK Minnie baked her a special Birthday cake!

Making a wish in Mickey and Minnie's wishing well. I hope ALL of your wishes come true Sakura chan.

In deep thought - Sakura loves this spot in Toontown - there is a phone here, she always calls her favorite peeps when we visit.


A little popcorn as we watch the parade - Sakura LOVES to watch the parades!

Disneyland pets! Sakura got to feed the ducks before we headed back to the hotel for the day...Sakura had virtually NO nap so we turned in early - she kept saying she was hungry but by the time we got back to the hotel and ordered food she was fast asleep on Mommy. We had an early morning date for the Birthday Girl - so it was a good thing she turned in early. More to come :-)

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