Saturday, February 4, 2012

Look Who is 3 Years Old!

Sakura is 3 Years Old! It's hard to even remember life without Sakura. We enjoy every single second with our spunky, shy, strong willed, bundle of joy. At times Sakura is the most shy little girl ever - and then she surprises us and she is SO outgoing and sociable. Who knows what makes kids tick, we wouldn't change anything about Sakura. She woke up to a present from Mommy and Daddy - she got a special little friend and she enjoyed taking her Minnie everywhere with her the rest of the weekend, and every since we came home. It's SO sweet.

Sakura and her Minnie

Well I have wanted to do this since I very first saw it .... The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. You are suppose to be 3 years old, so ON Sakura's 3rd birthday we made an appointment for Sakura to get a Princess transformation - she is always OUR Princess, but now she was going to be an "Official Disney Princess". We had an early morning appointment - at 0720, which made for an early start! Sakura was awake early since she fell asleep about 6 pm the night before.

Heading to Disneyland - the beautiful 3 year old - Birthday Girl!

Minnie in tow

Sakura taking center stage at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Sakura chose the hairstyle with the crown. There were three different hair styles to choose from, and this is the one she chose herself.

True Princess pampering - complete with nail polish and make-up - she chose pink nail polish, and for her eye shadow she picked lavendar and green, pink lipstick and her crown was the blue one.

Look at our little Princess

Checking herself out in the mirror in the back - she was VERY shy and quite stoic throughout the process of hair/make-up/nails. We figued since it was a very special day, we would also get a Princess dress to go along with the whole Princess theme of the day - Sakura had three dresses to choose from and it was no surprise that she chose Belle.

WELL, it was a nice thought, but the dress didn't make it much past the photo package. She was scratching as soon as it was on - we barely got some photos (I will post the entire Disney PhotoPass CD in another post, these are just the snapshots I took).

I LOVE this girl - LOVE this picture.

She was giggling at the photographer after she finally loosened up.

Back to the special birthday dress - and off to ride some rides. LOVE the early entry, the rides are nice and not crowded!

Waiting for Dumbo

with DADDY!!!!! Daddy gets pretty serious motion sickness, so it's a real treat when he actually gets on a ride!

Next we headed to visit the Princess'. How cool is it that Sakura's very favorite Princess was there and was the first Princess we saw. Sakura was SO excited.

Sakura's other favorite - Ariel was second!

Back for another visit with Minnie - Sakura wanted her Minnie to see the "real" Minnie.

I'm not sure who Sakura's favorite character is ... it's a toss up between Minnie and Pooh I would say.

We spotted Goofy who Sakura also loves, and when Mommy asked, Goofy did the HOT DOG DANCE for Sakura's birthday - wish we had remembered the video camera and caught it, it was pretty darn cute!

Picture Perfect - Sakura and Mommy's favorite - POOH!

Think, Think, Think - that's what you do at Pooh's Thoughful Spot!

Hiding from Mommy aka: the papparazzi!

We headed over to Disney California Adventure for abit after Sakura took a nap (didn't want to chance not having one two days in a row and since we got up so early we didn't want a grump since we had dinner reservations at Roy's which we all wanted to enjoy :)

Dancing away with Phineas and Ferb street show, Sakura danced the entire time!

Happy Birthday to our little Princess!

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