Thursday, November 18, 2010

The rest of November!

Has it really been THAT long since I did the blog? Wow! I guess it's been a pretty busy month. We have had lots going on with Bachan and Jichan's move - and our normal routine, but things are settling down just in time for Christmas :)
Back on November 17th - we celebrated Bachan's birthday - it happened to be on the day they made the drive from California. They had eaten a late lunch on their journey, but how could we not go to dinner for Bachan's birthday and to celebrate them making the move - so we went to Olive Garden (MUCH later than our normal dinner time, and Sakura was soooo tired!)
Daddy and Sakura enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba

Everyone watching

Bachan's birthday cake - it was YUMMY!!!

Happy Birthday to Bachan - we are SO happy you are here!
I mentioned earlier in the post that Sakura was VERY you can see below by the tears streaming down her face, when she thought she wasn't getting any ice cream and cake - poor baby was exhausted - I think we had cake and ice cream around 10 p.m.!

Even with tears, ice cream is yummy!

Big Bite of chocolate ice cream

November 20th is a special day for us -

not only it is National Adoption Day, but as you'll all remember, it was the day our adoption was finalized last year. We celebrated our special day wih another special girl - it was the day of Anabelle's birthday party so we went to her party and enjoyed the company of lots of friends/co-workers.

On our way to the party - Sakura is really loving the camera these days, can you tell?!

Anabelle's toys are much more fun than her own!

So we were outside, and Vanessa pointed our that Sakura was enjoying Anabelle's walker - she crawled in and would NOT get out! Finally when I pried her out she threw a big fit! Sakura is definitely going to have fit throwing down by the time she is two years old in just a couple months!
A few nights later we had sushi for dinner....Sakura wanted sushi so I gave her a piece...I had to take pictures since it was Sakura's 1st sushi!

Hmmmm, I can use hashi :)

She really studied it!

Going in for a taste!

Ummmm....not quite sure!

Dislike! She stuck her tongue out so far - I died laughing! Look at her tongue!
Last month Sakura also enjoyed her first breakfast in bed ... we were home on a Friday and she was watching TV in bed - so I figured why not? And brought her milk and cheerios (DRY) in for her to eat....she loved it!
Happy Birthday to Daddy and Happy Thanksgiving too!
This year Daddy's birthday fell on Thanksgiving - we went out to dinner a couple nights later. I didn't even get a picture of Sakura with Daddy - it was busy - between unpacking at Bachan and Jichan's and doing all of the Thanksgiving preparations, time just got away from us. I did snap a few pictures of Sakura as we walked down to get everyone for dinner.

A golf ball - of course!

Which she immediately dropped to watch roll into the street!

Sakura is really into stacking - and arranging things...
here she is with some blocks at Bachan's house.
That's all folks - it's been a busy month - but a good one!
Bachan and Jichan are getting settled in their new house - they've had 2 offers on their house in Yuba City and will probably be accepting one tonight! Things are going perfect - and we couldn't be happier to have them so close!

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Misty Clark said...

Great post! Looks like it was a month full of celebrations. So glad Dean's parents are moved in and settled in down the street from you. I cracked up at the picture of Sakura sticking out her tongue from the sushi. Too cute!