Thursday, November 4, 2010

21 Months Old

It is so hard to believe that Sakura is already 21 months old! She has grown up so much this last month, it's unbelievable how much they learn at this age.
Sakura continues to be a great eater :) She eats things that her Dad and I wouldn't touch and asks for "Mo" = More. She has turned into a climber and a sweet nutruring little Mommy too. She LOVES kids and waves at EVERYONE! She does not know a stranger...unless they try to pick her up, then all bets are off. She is quite the little charmer too.
Here are just a few pics from today - Sakura's 21 month 'birthday'!

Sakura LOVES to see our slideshow screen saver - she points at it and names the people (usually Mommy and Daddy, but she knows others like Kumi, Kiki, Papa, Yancha and Wrigley of course, amongst a few others).

I thought it was incredibly cute today while I was doing dishes - when Sakura wheeled in our travel stroller, with her baby in it. The stroller was half folded, but that didn't stop her - her she is - safety first, huh Sakura?!

Buckling in baby - or at least attempting to buckle her in.

Not going so well....

You do it Mommy.....

OK stop taking pictures, I'm pointing at YOU to buckle the baby up.

All buckled in.

When the baby was all buckled up, Sakura put her arms up in the air and said "Yay!".
Later in the afternoon, I needed to water the new sakura tree. Some little one followed me out and enjoyed walking around the backyard a bit, so I grabbed the camera :) (It's never far away)
Sakura has this new 'stance' - her cousins were here last weekend and I think she saw Zakk doing this - he's 17 - so the copier that she is, she will stand there mimicing just about anything.
Once Daddy got home, we took a walk down to Bachan and Jichan's new rental house - we hadn't seen the inside (my Mom went and looked at it for us, since we were at Disneyland and we trusted her judgement and went ahead with it despite not seeing for ourselves).

Guess Sakura wanted a better look at the sink? Here is our little climber in action!

Where's Sakura?

"Baa" - there she is! Sakura loves this little coat closet right inside the front door - I think she is going to try to make it her hiding spot!
We cannot wait for Bachan and Jichan to get here - we will really enjoy our walks to their house when they are HOME! Sakura will love having them near, she's pretty close to them, maybe her japanese will improve :) Right now it's pretty limited to Inai, Inai, Baa.... but Bachan will fix that!
Daddy leaves to go to Bachan and Jichan's on the 11th - he will go up and assist with the packers, movers and realtor - they will drive here on the 15th or 16th and the moving van is scheduled no later than the 24th for delivery of their stuff. We will really miss our trips to Northern California for our visits with family and friends though :(


Misty Clark said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful Sakura-chan. She is getting so big! It's so wonderful Deans parents will be closer. I know they will love being so close to Sakura (and you guys).

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Its pretty amazing how all of the sudden they seem so big and grown up. The house looks nice!

Also, your Halloween pics were super cute!

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

Happy 21 months Sakura! Gosh, time is sure flying by! Great pictures... she is so cute!! Love her outfit and her new "stance"! Don't you just love the mimicing?! This age is so much fun!!

Julie said...

Happy 21 months! Time goes by so fast. She was an adorable baby and now she's a cutie-pie toddler who can hang off the kitchen counter!