Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A morning in the field

Well we quickly discovered that Sakura is not one to head out first thing in the morning for pictures! Ugh! I really, really wanted some pictures of Sakura in the field by Urban Chic Portraits however Sakura was having other ideas of what we should be doing, when we arrived at the location, Sakura was clingy and whiny and just in a foul mood.....She wouldn't smile, cried every time I got off the couch beside her and just plain wasn't having any part of pictures that day....Sakura is much like her Daddy - if she's in a bad mood, she does NOT hide it or cover it well - unlike Mommy! Oh well - we will definitely be trying for more outdoor field pictures when we do her birthday pictures since this was our second attempt, and surely the third time is the charm! The first time was when we did her Christmas pictures - and the field had been chopped down just a day or two before our session.
So here are the best of the pics we could get - not too bad, but sure not what I had hoped for!


Misty Clark said...

What a cute little grump :) Love the outdoor photos.

scrappingma20 said...

They are so cute. But I love all of her pictures.

Julie said...

That's too bad about the photo-shoot, but she looks so cute even though she though she's Ms. Not-in-the-Mood-for-Pictures :-) Hoping the 3rd time is the charm!