Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sakura goes to Sea World!

With Papa here visiting from Indiana, we took the opportunity to head over to San Diego for the day and go to Sea World...Papa had never been and this was Sakura's first time as well.

Before we left we had to stop at Katie's to get Sakura's other stroller to use. Katie handed me a letter that Nicole had to write for school (which she got a check mark + on!
YAY Nicole!), ironically it was a letter to Peyton describing Puffin's...

Here is Peyton's letter from Nicole:

At breakfast in El Centro on our way....Sakura enjoyed her first pancakes!

Ahhhh, a sleeping baby (IN the car)...

Let's GO!

Our first stop was the Seals.....they bark and bark and bark for food!

Our first show! The Seal and Otter Show!

Sakura "talked" to the seals, otter, and walrus, and waved at them too!

You can see by the look on her face, she enjoyed her first show!

Sakura and Papa's 1st show at Sea World, almost over!

Here they are watching their first show...I think they both kind of liked it!

Mommy liked this rock!

Waving to Daddy and Papa (on the rock)

Ernie and Bert!

We had to go to 1-2-3 Come Smile with Me photo stop to see Elmo and Zoie...they stick you on a green screen so they can take the picture, then they put a background on...we didn't like the pictures they took - so pretend that there is a pretty door behind us leading into Elmo's house!

Look who is under the Sea with Elmo!

Our turn with Zoie

And Cookie Monster too!

Papa kind of liked this little Sesame Street gal and thought Sakura needed to have her...
we don't know who she is, but she's pretty cute,
and as you can see Sakura went right for her shoes!

Thanks Papa!

We stopped for a snack...well Daddy and Papa enjoyed a cold one, and Mommy got a Coke, Sakura enjoyed some puffs and water, and tried sharing some with Daddy!

LOOK at those penguins~

Can I get in there with them?

Sakura was a busy little bee...she didn't want to post for pictures,
she wanted to SEE the penguins!

Thanks for the great description Nicole, we found the Puffin's and Peyton posed with them
(and the other penguins) just for you ~
if you look close there are Puffin's behind Peyton in her picture below!

Mommy's favorite - time for a whale of a show - SHAMU -
when Mommy was a little girl her dream was to become an Oceanographer...
just so she could swim and train Shamu, that didn't happen,
but that just shows her love for Killer Whales -
it still makes Mommy cry watching how beautiful and amazing they are!

Hi Shamu!

Playing with my binkie, I was VERY tired by this point!


I think I want to be in there with them....I ♥ Shamu too!

The Sea Otters are a close second in the favorites category! They are SO stinking cute!

Guess what....I couldn't stand it anymore,
I fell fast asleep as soon as Mommy put me back in the stroller!

SO tired!

Some cool Sea Turtles...just like Squirt in Nemo!

Beautiful tree

Look at those SPIKES on the trunk!

Fall in San Diego - Yay!

Pretty little Flamingo

Looking at the otters with Daddy

A second with Pete Penguin on our way out....
Thanks for the fun time at Sea World Papa!


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

I must admit, I am a bit jealous! I want Kaori to see Elmo so bad! I know she would just love it! Looks like a fantastic trip and lots of fun for everyone! Sakura seems to be a good traveler.

Misty Clark said...

What a fantastic day at SeaWorld. Love all the pictures. I can tell Sakura had a great time.

beem221 said...

awww, she looks so cute in all those pics - and looks like she had a blast!

Carrie said...

What an amazing fun filled day. Love the pancake picture and her wrapped up in the blanket sleeping. Looks like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos.

Kai said...

That looks so fun!!! (Love P.S. sleeping in her stroller all tuckered out). We've got to get there (especially now that Kai's started watching and loving Sesame Street!)