Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun with Daddy

Mommy and Sakura waiting for the results from the toe stick (anemia)...

Today was our 9 month check-up with Dr. Amon and here are the latest stats on our Princess:

Sakura weighs 20 lbs 11 ounces (still 75%)

Sakura is 26 1/2 inches long (still 25%)

Just a few pictures from our wait in the Dr. office...waiting for the H1N1 vaccination - I was totally against getting it, but after hearing that they have seen deaths in our county from H1N1, Dean opted to get it for Sakura....I guess we'll be getting one as soon as they become available - they were out of the Seasonal Flu shots for Sakura, so we have to keep calling to get that for her. Say a little prayer for Sakura that she doesn't get a bad reaction to the vaccination please! She was a total trooper - she didn't cry when she had her toe stuck (twice, the first time she clotted too quick, and they needed two little vials), nor when she got her H1N1, she wimpered a little but it was over with in about 2 seconds. Daddy held her, and Mommy distracted her by clapping and saying "Yay Sakura, such a big girl" (LOL! Whatever works, right?). Pretty funny that the sticker we were given looked Japanese, first I noticed the crane on it, THEN I noticed it has SAKURA on it.....they don't even go by her middle name, nor would they know what it means!

And now a little video clip of how Daddy entertains the Princess while Mommy does dishes! I was cracking up when I walked in and found what he was doing...had to grab the camera!

Eliptical training 101 with Daddy


Misty Clark said...

That video is too cute! She looks quite content there riding the elliptical. I wish it was that fun for me :)

Mel said...

Dean looks like he found a good use for an elliptical - maybe you guys should work on a securing system and rush for a patent!