Friday, February 13, 2009

Sakura...what else?

Peyton Sakura Shimizu

We received another couple of pictures of our little angel! We won't know any of her statistics for probably another couple of weeks, I forgot that they don't "know" anything until they receive the baby book from the hospital, which occurs about 1-2 weeks after the baby has been placed with Okada-san, we have to be patient! I will definitely post all of that as soon as we know.

Yesterday Dean and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary - we both are amazed and excited and know that there won't ever be a more memorable anniversary! Right now we are at Disneyland, we came back here because this is where we honeymooned 15 years ago....AND we had already booked our trip before finding out about Sakura. What do you think it means when you see this while walking around the grounds of Disney's Grand California hotel?

Sakura in bloom at Grand California hotel and spa

I think it means that our very own little Sakura thinking about us! I have said numerous times how with our adoption there have been SO SO SO many signs that this is what we were supposed to do, that THIS baby is the one meant to be with us, and I think that this along with everything else we have seen just solidifies things.

To our precious little Sakura - your Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to come and get you! We love you sooooo much our little angel!

To Dean, my heart and my life are complete - I love you!

Jennifer and Dean boarding the Monorail 12 Feb 09

It is amazing to me how things work out, yesterday upon our arrival we were greeted by "Max" - Max is the VIP person for Disney's Grand California Hotel and Spa, we were taken to the large center table inside and given a packet of things .... we had been selected for VIP treatment, our room upgraded, personalized room keys, Happy Anniversary buttons, a special number to call for any reservations we wanted on property and off, etc....This has been a TRULY amazing week!


jill and ryan said...

Love the new pictures of Sakura...she is such a pretty little baby! We can't wait to meet her <3

demetrisfamily said...

Happy 15th Anniversary! What beautiful new pics of Sakura! She really is a gorgeous baby and it's so nice to see her awake! Bet you're counting the days, hours and minutes before you go over to bring her home! Sounds like you had a nice dinner with Jill & Ryan and Disney is treating you like royalty!