Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plane Tickets purchased and Travelers Checks too!

Korean Airlines Flight 002

Our tickets have been purchased as well as our travelers checks (unfortunately we had to get $100 denominations)! We will depart LAX (will be purchasing another ticket from Phoenix to LAX more than likely, since Grandma will be puppysitting, and that means a trip to Phoenix, not to mention I think she'd DIE if we didn't 'land' there and she had to wait another second to see Sakura when we return!) on March 18th - landing in Tokyo Narita airport March 19th - then we fly home on March 28th with our baby!

We are very excited to have this major step crossed off our list...and now to concentrate on the Immigration forms, and getting everything else ready for our trip of a lifetime.

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Jeff, Shino, and Kazuya said...

Oh boy, that's a lot of dating and signing. It's so great that things are underway now!