Friday, February 13, 2009

Gifts and Dinner

Dean and Jennifer, Ryan and Jill celebrating Sakura!

Tonight we met up with Jill and Ryan Patterson for a nice dinner at Yamabuki (Paradise Pier hotel) for our last dinner while we celebrate our Anniversary and the great news of the birth of our daughter!

Dean while we waited for Jill and Ryan, this picture is for Miss Carol - a Passion Fruit Mojito - he said it was VERY good!

Compliments of Yamabuki for our Anniversary - sooo sweet!

We had a very nice time finally meeting the Patterson's in person, although I felt like they were not strangers since Jill and I have been
e-mailing for awhile now...Jill and Ryan are also in the ATWA adoption group, their paperwork just went to Japan with Taz....boy do we remember the feeling of "whew..we're finally "just" waiting" - I could not wait to get to that point...Now I can't wait to go and get my daughter! Jill and Ryan came bearing gifts for baby Sakura - adorable gifts, I LOVE everything! Thank you so much Jill and Ryan - I will be sure to take pictures of our angel looking cute in these!

Cutest little ladybug sleeper, Heart Onesie, Burp Cloths (our first!), a sweet little butterfly rattle and a SOOOOOOOO Soft little blanket with hearts on it! SO sweet we LOVE it - it's a little hard to see, but Jill even got a card with cherry blossoms - how thoughtful is that?!
Look how sweet - it says I Love You on the butt!

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jill and ryan said...

We had a great time finally meeting you too! Although I also felt like I already had met you many times...amazing what the internet can do now :) I had so much fun picking out all the goodies for Sakura, I am glad you liked them and hope they come in handy!