Thursday, October 23, 2008

San Diego and Mail!

Dean and Jennifer

23 October 2008

Today Dean and I headed to San Diego to attend a wedding for some friends. The wedding ceremony was beautiful - it was aboard the Carnival Elation. When we received the invitation to the wedding, it also stated that everyone was welcome to join the couple and their families aboard the Elation for a 4-day Celebration cruise to Cabo San Lucas, however since we had JUST mailed in our application for China (this was before we even knew about Japan), we decided that we had better "opt out" and didn't book the cruise - after being on the cruise ship, I have to say that is something I would love to do in the future!

When we got home there were two envelopes in the mailbox! Our court paperwork was approved - this means that our Home Study has been approved by the court! YEAH! Today turned out to be a very exciting day!

Edited: Dean hated the photo I had, so I have replaced it with a different one :)


John said...

Sounds like things are moving nicely. Glad you had a nice time in San Diego. In reading all the stuff it is hard for an old man to keep up!


Mom said...

OK... so I am checking every couple of days... I talked to Miss KT yesterday, we are both looking forward to a trip to Yuma to "help Auntie" and Uncle Dean..... the November trip is coming up real soon.... Things seem to be moving at a good pace.

Donna said...

Carnival Elation is the same ship that Randy and I were on for our 20 year anniversary. We took that cruise to Cabo last November. When time permits, you definitely need to take this cruise. We had a wonderful time. Lots to do and see.