Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Application/Biometrics/Baby Care Class

First - Yancha Bozu and Wrigley were feeling left out since they haven't been on our blog yet...so for those of you that don't know our fur babies - meet Yancha Bozu and Wrigley.

Now for our update from last week. Last Tuesday (14 October), Dean and I went to the courthouse and signed our Application to Adopt Baby Boy Doe/Baby Girl Doe, so we are officially on the court docket here in Yuma County! Deloris (secretary to the County Attorney) explained that this petition would be filed with the court and once it is granted we would receive a signed copy in the mail, then our Home Study would be logged and processed ~ she said that we should hear something back within a couple of weeks (according to Dean, I don’t remember what she said exactly).

Friday was our appointment for our “biometrics” for US CIS. Dean and I had our fingerprints taken here in Yuma, and I was pleasantly surprised that they do have technology here (just kidding!) – as they did our prints electronically. I am a little concerned since I believe one of my prints wasn’t clear, but hopefully I didn’t “see” everything correctly on the screen and it was fine. When they are doing your prints electronically there is a little green box that appears at the bottom of the screen and it says ---- pass, I imagine that means that the capture was clear, however on one of my fingers there was a little red box that appeared…..I questioned the person doing the prints, and she said that sometimes they “can’t” get it, but that it was okay. We will see, hopefully our US CIS doesn’t take very long and we will have our I-171 soon!

Last night was our Newborn Baby Care Class. Pretty funny – really not much applied to our situation as we’re not going to “nurse”, take care of newborn belly buttons, etc., but the class was entertaining, and we got our letter of completion so we can check that off our list.

I guess that sums up last week’s events. Now we wait for our Home Study to be certified by the court!

Until next time….

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