Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last weekend I put this on our wall above the fireplace in our living room - I truly believe what it says!
As you know we left for California Thursday evening. Before we left Dean and I were driving home from work and I saw the mail lady in our neighborhood, I had a moment or two of worry because my brother was due at our house for the weekend, and I worried that he may have parked in front of the mailbox - when I saw her I said OH NO! The mail lady... I hope that Matt didn't park in front of the mailbox! Dean asked "Why" - I said "Because if he did - she won't deliver our mail." - Dean had kind of a puzzled look, and said "You're not still holding out hope for that paper (before we go to CA)." - I commented "Of course I am, today is our last shot before we leave!" (Mind you, on the way home from the grocery store Monday night I chanted I-171, I-171, I-171 all the way home!) I ran in the house, grabbed the mailbox key and went to check the mail - low and behold there was an envelope in the mailbox from Dept. of Homeland Security - however it was only addressed to Dean, so I reluctantly handed it over to him, upset that it must be a 'problem' with our prints or something, since it was only addressed to him. Dean read through it, and handed it to me - I read through it and didn't know what it was exactly. This looked like any everyday correspondence - white typewritten paper, nothing special - until I glanced at the VERY bottom left hand corner to which I saw - I-171H (in very tiny print)!
Our Immigration paper had arrived! I was sooooo excited - our last piece of paper was here, all we needed to send our paperwork is now complete!
Dean and I celebrated yesterday at Mikuni's in Roseville with Dean's cousin Greg - we had a nice lunch together and filled Greg in on our excitement!
Monday we visit with Lesley and Taz and we will give them all of our paperwork, book, and letter for potential birth mom's - and afterward we will meet up with Eryn and Nancy and their kids - we are excited to finally meet everyone. We will post more pictures when we get home.

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