Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disneyland with The DeMetris family

What a fun time we had this week. Nancy and I have been 'planning' this trip for quite some time, it was originally supposed to happen around April if I remember correctly, but those dates got all mixed up, so when Nancy chose October I was excited that we would get to attend Mickey's Halloween Party for the first time! We drove up to Anaheim on Saturday and since we were headed to City of Industry first we took a different route - which happened to be a route I had taken several years before with some great friends, as I was driving I couldn't help but reminisce about that car trip with Patty, JoAnn and Carol and our time together - I think that was probably the quickest drive to Disneyland ever. Anyway, Dean, Sakura and I headed to Frank & Sons to wander around, we use to go there back when we collected everything under the sun, and it's still fun to go and look around - all we ended up buying was a little Pooh toy. LOL. We headed to the hotel to check-in and grab a bite, then it was time for bed.

We got up Sunday morning and headed over to Disneyland for a few rides before Nancy, Tim and the kids arrived - first it was time for our little someone to nap. Sakura is one that NEEDS her nap still, so wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we tend to make it back for a nap for Sakura ... otherwise we will ALL pay, with a grumpy girl. The DeMetris' had a long drive so they tried to rest a bit as well and we met for dinner .... only they didn't get any rest, the kids were far to excited to sleep!

Sakura and Daddy at Disneyland

The BFFs reunite! As you can see within seconds these two were having fun on our walk to Outback.

Monday we had a reservation at Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast, then a full day at Disneyland.

Sakura watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse before heading out.

Our families with Goofy

Sakura is still not a character fan, but Belle was okay.

Heading over via the Monorail

Everyone was excited to go to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Waiting patiently for our Monorail ride, having fun with their balloons that Daddy insisted we get after Kiki spotted them!

Taking our 1st ride on the Monorail - Tripp loves the Monorail.

Then it was Autopia.

Sakura driving like a big girl :o(

Someone is getting sleeeeepy!

Messing with Daddy while standing in line is always lots of fun!

Tripp waiting in line for StoryBook Land

Hanging around - a few faces of Sakura

Casey's Train ride - it had started to rain a tiny bit so we opted for the Wild Animal cage which was covered...Kiki was NOT happy with that decision, she wanted the pink car :o(

Our hotel had this super neat kid friendly area, it had Cars playing and had small table and chairs right amongst the adult tables, the kids quickly made a couple of friends and danced, ran, squealed, played ring-around-the-rosey, etc.

Sakura and Kiki watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse while enjoying their dinner.

Tuesday we headed over to La Brea Bakery for breakfast, then off to California Adventure for the day, back to the room for a much needed nap because tonight it was going to be a late night enjoying Mickey's Halloween Party!

The kiddos at breakfast

Watching Mickey Mouse PlayHouse LIVE! They loved this show SO much!

Sakura not cooperating for picture (surprise surprise!)

It's not as bad with friends though!

Lunchtime at the Winery - Sakura and Kiki holding hands .... SO sweet!

As we were heading down to ride Toy Story, we ran right into the Phineas and Ferb street show - OH how I wish I had the video camera with me :o( Sakura actually got out there and danced and danced --- it was so cute. Kiki and Tripp were dancing away too :o( Opportunity missed by Mommy, sniff sniff!!!

Auntie Nancy and Kiki on Toy Story

Lilo and Stitch (thanks Kumi and Auntie Misty for the costume!) are ready to go! Time for some Trick-or-Treating at Disneyland!

Mickey's Halloween Party was fun, probably wouldn't do it again, but it was a fun experience once.

Our little Lilo isn't use to being out late - she was SO tired. We had to wake her up from her late nap to go.

Tripp the Samurai Power Ranger!


Sakura getting some candy

Look who fell asleep RIGHT before meeting Mickey (the very LONG wait for Mickey did Kiki in!)

Our family with Mickey and Minnie

DeMetris family with Mickey and Minnie (Kiki is SOUND asleep, despite the many attempts to wake her)

Watching the parade

Kiki woke up for the parade, but then Tripp was OUT!

Stitch blew Sakura a kiss - I was screaming so he would see her :o)

Wednesday we opted for breakfast at La Brea again - then we headed to California Adventure so Tim and Nancy could grab some fastpasses to World of Color, then we went back to Disneyland to adventure into ToonTown.

Notice Daddy's leg .... yep Sakura dropped her apple juice and it went directly for Daddy -- OOPS!

Two little girls getting hats from Auntie Nancy. Sakura had a HUGE melt-down about the hats, Daddy had a chat with her and she was fine. Thank Goodness!

Kiki and Sakura

(Daddy wanted Peyton since she has another hat with Sakura on it and he calls her Peyton - incase you were wondering)

YAY for Sakura - she went to Minnie! As I said before she is just not comfortable with characters still :o(

What is growing in the garden .... carrots!

ToonTown car with three kids = not easy to get a photo!

Goofy's Playhouse - Tripp, Kiki and Sakura all love slides!

Sakura was making a phone call to a very special person ...

Off to Sakura's 1st favorite ride - King Authur's Carousel

SLEEPY girl, we didn't head back for a nap since it was our last day!

Kiki took a tiny tumble and needed a band-aid and Sakura was very concerned. Sakura tumbled as well a few minutes later (sympathy?) and also got a band-aid which Kiki applied for her. Sweet girls!

Sakura waving Hi (to Ariel in the parade) and Goodbye to Disneyland :o(

This was the very first trip we have ever taken when as we loaded the car to come home, she said "NO car, NO home", typically she is ready to come home, but apparently all of the fun with friends she didn't want to end either :'o(

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Kai said...

What a fun trip!! Sakura is sooo adorable (and it's so great to see Tripp and Kiki getting so big too!) Her Halloween costume was perfect! Catching up on past posts too--so sorry for the loss of your Grandpa, but glad you were able to take Sakura to meet him and turn it into a memorable and happy trip. We'll definitely have to meet up when you're on a Disneyland visit! :D