Sunday, September 11, 2011

A mini vacation in La Jolla, Ca

We had a nice little mini vacation over the weekend. Daddy, Mommy and Sakura headed over to the coast for a few days of "relaxation" was a wonderful weekend away, the weather was cool, but not uncomfortable (except the evenings!). We stayed at the Hilton Torrey Pines in La Jolla - so our room oversaw the grounds and golf course, and you could see the ocean. It was beautiful and very relaxing. Sakura really enjoyed the view, and talking to all of the people who walked by and/or stood on their balcony. She instantly became friends with "Man" and would say Hi to him - she was very brave because he wasn't too close - had he been right beside her she wouldn't have said a word. LOL!

The purpose of our trip was to have family photos taken on the beach ... more about that later in the post.

On Friday we checked into our room and visited Legoland.

View from our balcony

First stop at Legoland was lunch - Sakura should have been starving, but barely ate, I think she sensed the fun was waiting ahead.

Enjoying her lunch

First "ride" was the stationary cars, which she did enjoy - hehe! First the blue one ... then

the CHP.

Time for a helicopter ride

Waiting in line with Daddy for the boats! Sakura was excited!

Railings are always fun

On to the boat!

Hmmmm....well Sakura wanted to drive, but the boats go all over the place, so Daddy needed to assist which didn't thrill Sakura who wants to do EVERYthing herself these days!

Where is Sakura?

" Right here" she says....and she found another leaf.

Having fun with leaves

Daddy and Sakura enjoyed some sort of fried apples .... since I don't like baked apples I didn't try them but they both loved them!

Not sure how I missed getting finished picture of Hello Kitty facepainting but ..... here was the start of it. Sakura was a bit annoyed that it wasn't the Hello Kitty she picked out, which was a full kitty face over her eyes, which I didn't think she'd like so I opted for this smaller version - she kept pointing at her eyes and telling me about the missing Kitty! oops!

Taking a trip down the slide

This little piggy went to the market...

and ran into Bob the Builder!

Taking a safari ride with Daddy

The next day we had family photos on the beach with Maranda. Thankfully she is really good and I'm sure she got some great family photos, unfortunately we discovered that Sakura wasn't quite fond of the beach .... she had a bit of a breakdown - she would NOT for anything put her feet down, she started screaming and crying, and was pretty much inconsolable after about 30 minutes so we didn't end up getting any of Sakura alone (we will have retakes here in a couple of weeks), and there was definitely no changing her clothes as I had planned - pretty disappointing. We still made the best of the day, Daddy wanted to go to Frank & Sons in Anaheim, so he dropped Mommy and Sakura off at where else.....

YAY! Sakura and Mommy enjoyed a few hours at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Sakura has been obsessed with Winnie-the-Pooh (the day has finally come!) lately so I couldn't wait to take her on the Pooh ride to see what she thought - I wasn't surprised that she LOVED it ... that's my girl! We went on 3 times :)

Chubby little cubby

Look who we found when we got off the ride - Eeyore! Sakura was a bit nervous (as she always is!) so I was very surprised when we were leaving that she held his hand :) Awwww!

Time for some hunny

and shopping (I figured we'd get a toy on the way out of the park, but when we shopped she didn't pick anything so we ended up with nothing).

I was extremely surprised that Sakura stood by Pooh (ALONE) ... I had stood on the other side of him and moved away but I figured she'd cry and she didn't - I can't even say how happy I was!

Pooh and Sakura

And EVEN a HUG!!!!!!!! YAY for Sakura!

Time for a bite to eat ... Sakura loved the lunch box, as it had one of her other favorites on it!

We headed over to California Adventure because I figured Bugs Land wouldn't be too busy, but Sakura didn't want to ride the rides, she wanted to play in the water .... so that's what we did.

We were about done at the parks and I decided to give Daddy a call to see where he was, he was waiting for us giving us extra time and enjoying a nice cold Daddy type beverage at Downtown Disney so we headed out and over to World of Disney to meet him and drive back to La Jolla.

We did make a couple of stops before heading back to our room - one being SPRINKLES! YUM!

The following morning I decided I would take Sakura down to the beach one last time, I figured we could look for some seashells and Daddy could get a bit more shut eye....what I thought would be a fun time, turned into a scene like this!

Sakura clenching my leg trying to climb up it and screaming at the top of her lungs looking like this .....

I was extremely frustrated and upset with her, not understanding why in the world she would scream at the beautiful beach .... once we got home I continued to ask her why she was crying and did she like the beach which she would reply "NO" ---- upon further questioning she told us that she didn't like the .....

Birds - UGH. Had I known it was the birds, I could have chased them to show her they were afraid of us, but she wouldn't say a word, just screamed hysterically, shaking like a leaf. I felt SO bad once she finally told me why. Needless to say - Sakura isn't a fan of the beach, she'll take the mountains and creeks over the beach I'd bet!

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