Friday, May 27, 2011

A trip to California for "business"

Sakura saying "STUCK" and attempting to get out of her carseat on our ride....

BUT we MADE it - whew!

Could not have asked for a better 2 year old on the drive. The first night was SO long - after we got off work we drove all the way to Valencia/Santa Clarita where I had booked a room for us. We wanted to get as far as we could get without going through the Grapevine.

I took Sakura for a walk around the hotel so that Daddy could get a few more zzzz's.

This was Sakura's "smile" on command - LOL!!!

As you all know, Bachan and Jiichan moved to Arizona last November, putting their house up for sale in California. Well the house sold within a week, however the septic didn't pass, so it was held up in "escrow" for the last 6 months....the work was completed, and the buyer THEN decided that they weren't happy with the way it "looked", so they backed out. UGH!!! So we made a trip to California to relist the house, and assess everything. Dean will be busy in the next few days getting things situated with the house - we don't think it looks too bad considering they completely dug up the front yard as well as the backyard to put the brand new septic system in. Yes, it's dirt and gravel, but hopefully with some grass seed in place it will grow and there will be an even more perfect buyer out there.

Front yard damage
The backyard looks HUGE now without all of the little sectioned off gardens that they had. Just needs some grass.
Sakura was SO tired.... Almost asleep - and then it started raining!

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