Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun with cousin Freddie

Bobba Fett on the drums - see how fast those drum sticks are moving?!

Sakura has really enjoyed spending time at Auntie Fumiyo's - and especially spending time with her cousin Freddie (Dean's cousin Greg's son) who is 11. Freddie has awesome toys and is SO good with Sakura, he plays with her and she loves it...well all except that she is definitely 100% an only child and it became apparent when she announced that Freddie's toys are "mine" :o( I guess at home she doesn't share, but at school she does, so I'm not sure?! Oh well. Sakura had a little time out to re-evaluate her behavior and came back ready to "share". Poor Sakura tough lessons! As you can see though, she doesn't hold any resentment and loves Freddie!
Light Sabors are fun too!

Especially when you're 'fighting' your cousin!

A little Band Hero

Multi-tasking with Tony Hawk skateboard and drums?!

I think Sakura will really miss her cousin when we go home and yes all of the toys are hers, but it's always fun to play with "little people" not just Mommy and Daddy!

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David, Samantha and Kaori said...

looks like she was having a blast! it is fun to see them play with bigger kids. They think they are hot stuff!