Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Special!

In yesterday's mail we received a package from a special friend, Debbie. She used to live next door to us and I was her kids babysitter. I loved spending time with them and being part of their family. Debbie was like my second Mom.
I think God puts people in our lives to teach us things - and Debbie and Tim taught me so much about life. I was blessed with many special outtings with them, trips to San Diego, Disneyland, just to name a couple, there were many more. I was over-the-moon to be there for the arrival of their little boy Paul when he arrived at 3 days old - I never knew I would be sharing the same feelings and emotions when Sakura was handed to us in Japan many years later.
Imagine how I felt when I unwrapped these two packages and inside were two beautiful albums documenting Sakura's 1st year, which Debbie had documented through the help of our blog - she printed pictures and captioned each picture and page. Truly amazing! The albums are just beautiful! I don't know if I would have ever had time to do that - and now I don't have to worry about it, it's done for us :)
Sakura has loved looking at the albums - I am on top of her so she doesn't get rough with them, flipping back and forth, back and forth. I think right now her favorite page is the Dosokai 2009 page - she points at Goofy and says "That" - as in "Who's That?" ...
Mommy's 1st Mother's Day page
Disneyland Dosokai 2009

Turning it around so I can see.

Debbie, thank you SO much for such a thoughtful and beautiful tribute to our angel - I hope someday Sakura gets to meet you. Love you so much!!!


scrappingma20 said...

It was a honor to make them for you. I will come to Yuma to meet your angel sometime. We do have wonderful memories. Tim and I both love you like a daughter. I know how you feel about being a mother.

Misty Clark said...

Wow! That's an incredible gift! How fortunate for you to have such amazing friends and such beautiful books!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Very special! What a nice gift.