Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween pics by Tina

A few weeks ago Heather's friend Tina of Don't Blink photography here in Yuma, took some pictures of Sakura dressed up in her Halloween costume. These were my favorite pics that Tina took....Sakura is NOT the easiest toddler to photograph, she has her own ideas of what she wants to do when she gets near the river...and photo's isn't necessarily one of them! I think she is probably (hopefully) at the most difficult age right now for pictures and only hope that it gets easier --- at least when she's a little older she can be bribed, right?! LOL! Tina is just starting out and I think she did a fantastic job!
I know, I know, I have LOTS of professional pictures taken of Sakura - I think I'm making up for the lack of professional photos I have of me when I was little ;) Honestly I love having others take Sakura's pictures, I don't think I'm a very good photographer and I want to make sure I capture every age and every stage in her life. I know you've read this before, but I waited forever for my little girl and I just don't want to miss anything in her life being captured.
Sakura and her Daddy are my whole world. I love them both beyond measure!
Here we were joking, Sakura was clapping FOR Tina - we had to break into this bridge, jumping fences, crossing through BRIDGE CLOSED signs - and when Tina (the last person to come through) made it Sakura clapped - so we got her to smile by saying "Yay Tina"....

So pretty! I thought it looked like a sweet little angel here ~
Sakura having a spiritual moment!

My beautiful baby is growing up too quick -
here I think she looks much older than just 20 months :(


Handshoe Family said...

I understand about all of the pictures, Jennifer! We all love looking at them! Gorgeous girl!

Misty Clark said...

Beautiful pix! Many of us understand exactly what you mean about waiting forever for our kids and wanting to capture every moment. Thankfully for us, we get to see her growing up too :)

Aunt Carol said...

She is beautiful Pooh! And looks so sweet - like she is as pretty inside as she is out!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Yep, she did a good job. Love the spiritual moment. So funny!

Julie said...

Awesome and artistic pictures. She's growing up so fast and it's great that you're documenting her life. You're giving her such a priceless treasure.