Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Extra special visit in Ca!

After playing on the horses at Nut Tree and eating lunch - Sakura was EXHAUSTED!

While we were in California we got an extra special visit in. Taz happened to be in California (she is now living in Japan) while we were there and we got to have lunch together with her and the DeMetris family! I can't tell you how much we appreciate Taz, and all that she did for our family, she will always have a special place in my heart, Dean's heart and probably the rest of our family too. There just aren't words to describe how much we love her - so it was extra special we got to see her. We hadn't seen her since we left Roppongi Hills with Sakura to come home 1 1/2 years ago! Sakura has sure changed since the last time Taz saw her - she's grown into a beautiful little girl and we are SO incredibly proud of her.

We met Taz and the DeMetris family at Amici's pizza/pasta in Vacaville. Even more special it was Kira's 2nd anniversary of her Gotcha Day, we were elated that we could share such a special day with Nancy, Tim, Tripp, Kira and Taz!
Thanks for letting us share your anniversary with you!
Happy Gotcha Day to sweet Kira chan!
Kira and Auntie Taz

Me and the girls -

Sakura was so sweet she reached out and patted Kira's back while Kira was in my lap

Sakura at lunch

Kira was engrossed in the DVD

Sakura and Auntie Taz chatting

There's Tripp - he had a BLAST running around riding the train and carousel -
he did NOT want to leave.

Daddy and Sakura riding the horse

The next two pics are my favorite of Taz and Sakura.

Sakura is pretty reserved and has to warm up to people, but then she will generally go, but rarely does she get this comfortable - Taz definitely has a special way with kids, Sakura knows how special she is already! Sakura loved her and just about went to sleep while Auntie Taz was holding her. When we first arrived I tried to get Sakura to give Auntie Taz a hug, which Sakura promptly responded "NO" - Taz said don't push her, it was okay ... to me it wasn't - I wanted Sakura to show appreciation to Taz, Sakura did eventually as you can see - she just did it on her own terms and time :) Taz and I chatted about Sakura quite a bit, in our conversation I mentioned that people always want Sakura to smile at them - Taz said "Sakura chan is Japanese baby, Japanese people don't smile at everyone" - so there we have it, Sakura is just a typical Japanese baby.

When we were done, I thought that we should have had the waitress take a picture of all of us at lunch - I think we got wrapped up in chatting and eating and didn't even think about it :( Ugh!


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

What sweet photos of Sakura with Taz. I know you were happy to see her again. Looks like a fun trip to CA!

Adoptive Mommy x 3 said...

Love all of the pictures! What a special visit! Yes, Taz is a special part of all of our families! <3
Glad we got to see you but wish we could have spent a little more time together. The move kept us busy all week. next time!


Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Jen, I have goose bumps and tears. Those are the sweetest pictures. How wonderful to see Taz. She is such a special person. We love her dearly and think of her as family too.

Misty Clark said...

What a great post! Love all the photos of everyone. So glad you had the opportunity to see Taz after such a long time. She is definitely an extraordinary woman!

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

I really enjoyed your post of your trip and all your wonderful photos! Looks like you had a great time. That's so awesome that you got to see Taz too! She's amazing! So many cute pictures of Sakura and all the kids! I just LOVE that one (on the previous post) of her sitting Japanese style at the piano! SO cute!!

Mrs. G said...

The tears are flowing. I sincerely LOVE the pics with Sakura and Taz. My heart is so happy for you.