Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A bit nostalgic

I cannot believe that after all this time seeing an old e-mail takes you back to where you were at that time, just like it was yesterday....I was looking through my inbox and happened upon one that was sent by Taz asking me if Dean was feeling okay - we were in our apartment in Roppongi, with Sakura - Dean had gotten sick (from what we later discovered as TOO many fresh rice crackers) - I still remember being worried about him in a foreign Country, but there was Taz ready to help us (on her off day I might add). Taz went to the pharmacy and described Dean's symptoms, got medication and brought it to us at the apartment - Taz is AMAZING, I can't say that enough - most of you know that already. When I saw the e-mail I started to cry, remembering that very special time getting our baby. Our life has been forever changed - what an amazing journey, I hope that I never forget those days in Japan - I never want that feeling to go away.

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