Friday, December 25, 2009

Sakura's 1st Christmas

Sakura had a very nice 1st Christmas in California.
She wasn't very interested in opening packages, and really only wanted to play with her Santa stuff (since it was all open and out awaiting attention). Santa brought Sakura a baby doll, which she LOVES, amongst other toys and clothes, Santa knew Mommy and Daddy were limited on luggage space, so he left bigger stuff at home for Sakura!
Sakura loves her baby doll, she makes this screaching sound raises her hand and reaches for her baby when you ask her about her baby. It is SO cute!

She enjoyed spending time in California with all of her cousins and of course Jiichan and Bachan. Sakura gets SO excited when Jiichan would get up in the morning and wave at her from the hallway - she was normally standing at the coffee table, and she would get the BIGGEST smile, raise her arm (similar to what she does with her baby), bounce up and down and then crawl toward Jiichan.
We hope that everyone had a nice Christmas surrounded by those you love.

The Best Gift Ever!

Ready for Santa to come, out like a light!

Awww, a baby

Cute Clothes from Auntie Linda, Uncle Mark, cousins Jess and Steph

I love my ladybug from Auntie Nancy, Uncle Tim, Trippy and Kiki!

Daddy reading one of the books from Auntie Linda

Furry boots from Auntie Linda, Uncle Mark, Jess and Steph

Mommy showing Sakura her blocks from Santa

Some of the Santa loot


Carrie said...

No way was she naughty! What cute jammies. I love the best gift ever too.

She looks very happy with her ladybug.

So adorable. What a special celebration this year.

Misty Clark said...

Great pictures of sweet Sakura-Chan! Seems Santa took into consideration all of us who were traveling over Christmas :) As always, Sakura looks so cute! Merry 1st Christmas to you, Dean and Sakura!