Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Party

Thursday was our CASD Christmas party, and even though we were leaving bright and early Friday morning for California, we wanted to take Sakura so she could enjoy a little time at the park, and of course so we could spend a little time with the Cuevas family and new baby Anabelle (she's 2 months old).

Vannesa and baby Anabelle...she's SO tiny and sweet! LOOK at all of her hair!

Sakura enjoying the view of the water

With Daddy


We had a great time, and Sakura enjoyed visiting with everyone.
Zack announced that Sakura will be everyone's boss someday :)

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Carrie said...

What a beautiful day. You would never get a day like that for a Christmas party in the Northeast.

Sakura looks gorgeous. I love her outfit.

Do you remember when our babies were that little? Doesn't seem so long ago until you see a newborn.