Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Pics

Just a few (of many) faces of an angel (with cereal face)!

Yancha Bozu still loves her, even though she's mobile and pulls his hair from time to time!

In movement....patting the table

So sweet

Watching Daddy

Hi Mommy

Funny face!

We had company this past weekend (again), so it was pretty busy around our house.
I also had a workshop on Saturday so it was nice to have my Mom here watching the baby so I could concentrate on figuring out what I was going to demonstrate AND going to do the demonstration. I know that Alice wouldn't mind me bringing little P.S. with me, but it is so much easier to do things without someone tugging on your pant leg :)
(Although I wouldn't trade it for anything!)


Beverly said...

She is getting sooo BIG! The "funny face" is adorable. :)

Misty Clark said...

Look at all that hair! It seems like it grew overnight. She is such a doll and I want to squeeze her cheeks. Love all the photos. I can't believe how big she's getting

demetrisfamily said...

Yes, I have to agree that Sakura has one sweet little face! What a pretty baby girl she is and getting so big. Enjoy every second!

beem221 said...

i especially love her funny face! she's too cute in her pink outfits!