Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newly discovered sound

Our sweet little angel has discovered that she can "bird call" - so she's no longer making raspberries for everyone, instead she's "bird calling" (as we've named this).

We also said GoodBye to Uncle Matty this morning, tonight he flies home to Atlanta, we are hoping that he's able to find a job here in Yuma! He was at the State Fair last week and found Sakura chan a shirt that he couldn't resist!

Thanks Uncle Matty, no doubt Sakura will think that her Uncle Matty Rocks!

Keep him in your prayers, unemployed with three kids is never a good thing.


Misty Clark said...

Oh My! Sakura is just the cutest thing ever! Love it! I know how great it would be to have family close so we'll keep our fingers crossed for Uncle Matty.

Carrie said...

That is definitely a bird call. Love it. It is just adorable when they make new sounds and discover things they can do.

I hope Uncle Marty moves to Yuma and finds a great job there too.