Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beach time

I the beach. I have so many great memories of growing up spending a couple of weeks every summer vacation on Mission Beach with my family and then when we got older we often brought a friend with us. Those were special times. I couldn't wait to take Sakura to the same Mission Beach where we spent so many summers hanging out, so today we headed over to the beach. When we first arrived in San Diego it was quite overcast and a nice brisk 68 degrees. Needless to say I didn't think Sakura would enjoy the cold air coupled with the cold water, so we first headed to a little japanese shopping area that my good friends Kelly Matsumoto and Bee Morishita told us about - Mitsuwa Marketplace.

The exterior of the building at Mitsuwa Marketplace, inside there is a japanese bookstore, a few places to eat and a fairly large market - you can get a variety of japanese items inside. Sakura ended up with LOTS of different rice crackers (she LOVES them!), some boro cookies, a couple of books...hmm that's all I can think of :)

It's quite funny to watch Sakura with her books now - here she is in the store "reading" - which means looking and saying things - don't know what she's saying as she is speaks her own language, but I'm sure it makes sense to her, then she turns the page and "reads" it too. So kawaii!!!

Lunch was OISHI says Sakura - Sakura had some rice with pork and shared our ramen!
Then we headed to the beach, it had warmed up a bit by the time we finished shopping.
(*warning there are a MILLION pics below - scaled down from the 2 million I took!)

Let's Go!

Sakura couldn't wait to get to the water - she LOVES water remember!

Um Mommy I'm not sure I like this water! Needing reassurance!

The CUTEST feet on the beach!

OK Daddy, let's go! I'm going to try this again............

I love water - but this is pretty cold and it splashes Dad!

COME ON - this stuff is COLD and it splashes - pick me up Daddy!!! I don't like waves!

The best view of the beach and water is from right here!

This is sticking to my hands... See....

But I like it - I like sand way better than this water!

OK let's try this one more to the waves!

Come On.......

Almost running to get to the water!

But not for long - I HATE waves!
Sakura kept saying "no, no, no" when we'd try to get her back down to the water....
definitely NOT a fan of the waves this year - maybe next year?
Happiest on the land in the sand :)


Yay for the beach - just not the water!
Maybe next time we will try the Mission BAY side where there aren't any waves?

Best spot at the beach is right beside my Daddy!

And playing in the sand

This shot is especially for Heather!

If you look closely you'll see a bit of sand above Sakura's lip, she tried just a small taste from the rake....I don't know if she liked the beach sand taste or not, but she didn't eat much!

Very sandy beach baby toes :)

I wanted a picture of Sakura by the pelican -
Sakura had other ideas she did not want to sit by the pelican as you can see!
Goodbye Mission Beach - we will be back next summer!


Anonymous said...

Fun times...

Adoptive Mommy x 3 said...

So absolutely adorable!! I love the pictures and I think that little sakura clippee suits her perfectly. :-) Don't you love that Mitsuwa?!?! It's hands down, the best one!

Looks like you had a wonderful time!


Misty Clark said...

What a fantastic day at the beach! Sakura looks so happy shopping. I'm sure she knows she's getting some goodies :) Yummy lunch! Great beach pictures too. Glad you all had a great day at the beach.

P and D said...

How utterly adorable! Love Sakura's little swimsuit! Thanks for taking us with you to the beach! :)

Kai said...

What great photos--you captured so many of Sakura's expressions and her experience at the beach. Too bad it was so cloudy--don't know what's up with this gloomy July weather! That bathing suit is adorable! (I love little hands and toes too--just can't get enough of how cute they are!)

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Her suit is precious. Glad she liked the sand at least. It can get old having to carry them around the beach all day! You got some great pictures as usual of your sweet girl. It is always fun to share something from your childhood with your child. So sweet.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Such adorable photos. Savannah did not like the waves from about Sakura's age until 2 1/2 and now she loves them. So, there is hope. That marketplace looks wonderful. I would have spent hours. Did they have the DVD's Sakura likes?

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

Love the picture of Sakura eating her lunch - TOO CUTE!! Looks like you had a great time at the beach! Even though she didn't love the waves yet, glad she liked the sand. Cameron is not a big fan of sand at all... at least that is one place he won't try to run away! :) Once his feet touch the sand, he doesn't move! :) Great pictures! Sakura is adorable in her bathing suit!